Dependant Parents under EU Settlement Scheme

What is required to successfully bring parents to the UK in 2024? How to evidence sold dependency?

Many EU nationals face the real issues of bringing parents to the United Kingdom, after UK was faced with Brexit and introduction of EU Settlement Scheme.

In order to establish dependency of your parents, the Home Office will be looking at possible ways that your parents depend on you. The main thing that applicants and their families must understand is that the "dependency" in questions does not have to be only financial! Dependency can be established via old age of the applicant (for instance, if your parents between 60 to 90 years old), by medical conditions (if your parent suffering from illness and required your help) and requirements of the family members to look after their parents, as well as moral and social dependency.

Late application reasons must be proven after 09 August 2023

As a strict legal requirement, late application reasons for all EU Settlement Scheme applications must be supplied by evidential reasons and explanations of late application. In order to successfully prove to the Home Office this ground, we have to look into personal circumstances of your case. However, Home Office will no longer accept reasons, such as internet illiteracy, delays that relates to Covid or the fact that applicant does not speak English language.

In this type of applications, it is suffice to demonstrate prolonged and consistent presence of the medical conditions. However, those argument must be properly addressed and argued.

It is crucial not to overlook this aspect, as the more unsuccessful applications you submit to the Home Office, the greater the likelihood that the Home Office will disregard your future applications entirely.


Home Office reserves up to 6 months to decide those types of applications, however on practice you may expect to get your decision way earlier (up to 3 months).

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